Who We Are

The Most Exclusive Address

90 Avenue’s location has been chosen carefully in relation to its surrounding where every detail is tailored for its residents and their loved ones. It is located right on the main spine of 90th main Road-New Cairo overlooking The American University in Cairo and The Future University. It is surrounded by a bouquet of shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, social clubs, hospitals, schools and universities.

Tabark Developments

Our journey is a tale of 40 years of dedication and devotion, carving our corporality, originating as an aspiring single business-unit company and transformed into a prominent Holding Company for a group of successful businesses. We take pride that our journey embodies the values of high commitment and professionalism and embellished by our earned credibility and our pursuit of perfection. We attained a well-deserved elite position in the Real Estate sector in Egypt, that is only achievable through decades of endeavors in coherence with our values, which earned us the confidence of our clients and also the respect of our business partners, and manifests in all our glamorous creations.

Message From The CEO

Tabarak Developments built its foundations for integrated modern housing on the pillars of commitment, quality, client satisfaction in addition to high return on investment index. Along the past four decades the group has been rapidly growing and expanding in both the Egyptian and Gulf markets to be recognized as a regional leading real estate developer. Tabarak has used its resources and expertise to widen its portfolio to add activities and investments in exporting, manufacturing, and touristic development. We take pride of our self-financed projects that is an endeavor that we excelled at and marked a milestone, setting us apart from the competition. We at Tabarak believe that real estate investment is the foundation of development, hence we dedicated our capabilities to accomodate the needs of different social segments throughout different projects.


90 Avenue
90 Avenue
90 Avenue
90 avenue